Blitz It Is

Posted: 04/05/2014 by Ian in Club News

The votes are in and it is 6 to 5 for blitz, with 5 + 3 as the most popular choice for time control. The votes (of those that expressed a preference) are as follows:

Rapid Blitz
Bennett, Hilton x
Jackson, Richard x 3 + 2
Judkins, Gary 5 + 3
Nolan, Graham x 5 + 3
Poša, Josh x x
Scott, Craig x 5 + 3
Symon, Christopher x
Tan, Eddie x x
Wagner, Stefan x
Whiting, David x

Accordingly the next two weeks will be the blitz, with scores going towards deciding Club Blitz Champion 2014, and Club Blitz Champion 2014 (Reserve Board).

The format will be Swiss tournament, 6 rounds per night, at time control  5 + 3. Players will be able to accumulate a maximum of 6 points per night, 36 over the tournament. The winner will be the individual with the most points. In the case of a tied score, the winner will be decided based on the individual game scores between the contestants over the 6 weeks of the tournament. If still tied, a tiebreak match of four games at 3 + 2 will be used. The highest scoring player will be awarded the title of Club Blitz Champion and will have their name immortalized on the champions board. The title of Club Blitz Champion (reserve board), also immortalized as above, will be awarded to the highest scoring player whose club ranking was pawn, knight, or bishop at the start of the tournament. Players can take a bye in one week and receive 3 points. No byes in the final round. Each round robin will be open to anyone present on the night, including guests, but only club members will be eligible for the titles. We will have two consecutive weeks now, again in July, and then the deciding two nights in September. Draws will be seeded based on club ranking. Games will start at 7:30 pm. A single late addition will be made to the draw on the night in the event there is an odd number of players. No late additions will be permitted if there is an even number in the draw for that particular night.


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