Spring Cup Results Are In

Posted: 12/11/2014 by Ian in Club News

Richard chalks up another tournament win well ahead of his nearest rival. Stefan did well to come second – particularily as he missed three games. Six players managed to tie for third plae. Rating statistics and graphs have been updateted. We will have blitz for the next couple of weeks, 7 games a night (3 rounds of 3 + 2 then 4 rounds of 5 + 3). Games kick off at 7:30. Guests welcome. Don’t be late.

1 Richard Dare 7.0 +W11 +B9 +W6 +BYE -W3 +B7 +B5 +W8
2 Stefan Wagner 5.5 +W18 +B13 +W10 =BYE +B9 +B3
3 Hilton Bennett 5.0 +B7 +W17 -B5 +W12 +B1 -B4 +W6 -W2
4 Fuatai Fuatai 5.0 +W10 -B6 +W11 +B8 +B5 +W3
5 Graham Nolan 5.0 +W12 +B8 +W3 -B6 -W4 +B10 -W1 +B13
6 William Lynn 5.0 +B16 +W4 -B1 +W5 -B7 +W9 -B3 +W12
7 Matt Crombie 5.0 -W3 +B15 +W9 +B13 +W6 -W1 -B8 +B10
8 Richard Jackson 5.0 +B14 -W5 +B16 -W4 +B12 +W17 +W7 -B1
9 Ian Kennedy 4.0 +W15 -W1 -B7 +B11 +W13 -B6 -W2 +B14
10 Gary Judkins 4.0 -B4 +W18 -B2 +W16 +B17 -W5 +B11 -W7
11 Joel Crombie 4.0 -B1 +W14 -B4 -W9 +B21 +W20 -W10 +B16
12 Sean Clark 4.0 -B5 +W25 +B17 -B3 -W8 +W14 +B16 -B6
13 Dhusar Chatterjee 3.5 +B25 -W2 +B18 -W7 -B9 =W16 +B15 -W5
14 Jeff Xiang 3.0 -W8 -B11 -W20 +B18 +W23 -B12 +B21 -W9
15 Jarvis Xiang 3.0 -B9 -W7 +B25 -W17 -B16 +W21 -W13 +B18
16 Elijah DeWit 2.5 -W6 +B20 -W8 -B10 +W15 =B13 -W12 -W11
17 Murray Tuatini 2.0 +W20 -B3 -W12 +B15 -W10 -B8
18 Nithin Perumal 2.0 -B2 -B10 -W13 -W14 +B24 +W25 -W15
19 Nick Sayers 2.0 +B22 +W21
20 Suriya Srinivasan 2.0 -B17 -W16 +B14 -W21 +B25 -B11
21 Adam Hasan-Stein 1.0 +B20 -W11 -B15 -W14 -B19
22 Mark Osbourne 1.0 -W19 +BYE
23 Darius Hasan-Stein 1.0 -W25 -B14 +W24
24 Joel Kaumoana 1.0 +BYE -W18 -B23
25 Thys Joubert 1.0 -W13 -B12 -W15 +B23 -W20 -B18



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