Lightning Round 2

Posted: 11/11/2015 by Ian in Club News

Last nights crosstables are below. We ran the competition in two divisions, with Graham achieving a perfect 7 in the Open grade, and Jeff leading on 5.5 in the Juniors. Total competition points across the two nights mean that Graham is Club Lightning Champion for 2015 on 12 points, with Jeff Club Junior Lightning Champion 2015 on 9. Spring Cup next week. See you there


1 Graham Nolan 7.0 +B10 +W4 +B2 +W6 +B3 +W5 +W7
2 Richard Dare 6.0 +W3 +B6 -W1 +B10 +W8 +B4 +W9
3 Richard Jackson 5.0 -B2 +W8 +B4 +W5 -W1 +B7 +B6
4 Michael Serrate 4.0 +W7 -B1 -W3 +B9 +B6 -W2 +B8
5 Matt Crombie 3.5 -W6 =B7 +W11 -B3 +BYE -B1 +W10
6 Gary Judkins 3.0 +B5 -W2 +B9 -B1 -W4 +B8 -W3
7 John Chin 2.5 -B4 =W5 +BYE -W8 +B10 -W3 -B1
8 Ian Kennedy 2.5 +W9 -B3 =W10 +B7 -B2 -W6 -W4
9 Thys Joubert 2.5 -B8 +BYE -W6 -W4 +B11 =W10 -B2
10 Murray Tuatini 2.0 -W1 +B11 =B8 -W2 -W7 =B9 -B5
11 Jorge 1.0 -W10 -B5 +BYE -W9


1 Jeff Xiang 5.5 +W5 +B4 =W8 -B2 +W3 +B6 +W9
2 Sean Clark 4.5 =B6 -W7 +BYE +W1 +B4 +B5 -W3
3 Alex Liu 4.5 +W9 =B8 -W4 +B5 -B1 +W7 +B2
4 Jarvis Xiang 4.0 +B7 -W1 +B3 +W8 -W2 +BYE -B6
5 Adam Hasan-Stein 4.0 -B1 +W6 +B9 -W3 +B8 -W2 +BYE
6 Geon Choi 4.0 =W2 -B5 =B7 +BYE +W9 -W1 +W4
7 Finlay Buckell 3.5 -W4 +B2 =W6 -B9 +BYE -B3 +W8
8 Joel Crombie 3.0 +BYE =W3 =B1 -B4 -W5 +B9 -B7
9 Jenny Xiang 2.0 -B3 +BYE -W5 +W7 -B6 -W8 -B1

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