Club Champs Underway

Posted: 02/03/2016 by Ian in Club News

ccClub champs round one last night. Twenty seven players turned out, a few less than 2015 when we had 31  and a definite improvement on 2014 (23) and 2013 (19). Two games went down to the wire: Murray v Hilton, and Graham v Lara. Round 2 next week. Remember that clocks will be started as soon as I do the draw, whether you are there or not. Also, let Ian know if you are not going to be there as you will be awarded a bye. Crosstable so far is below. Club ratings have been updated.

1 Richard Dare 1.0 +W15
2 Hilton Bennett 1.0 +B16
3 Graham Nolan 1.0 +W17
4 Prashant Mistry 1.0 +B18
5 Stefan Wagner 1.0 +W19
6 Milton Severinsen 1.0 +B20
7 Sivaram Manoharan 1.0 +W21
8 Ian Kennedy 1.0 +B22
9 David Whiting 1.0 +W23
10 Gary Judkins 1.0 +B24
11 Christopher Symon 1.0 +W25
12 Richard Jackson 1.0 +B26
13 Chirag Doshi 1.0 +W27
14 Jenny Xiang 1.0 +BYE
15 Matt Crombie 0.0 -B1
16 Murray Tuatini 0.0 -W2
17 Lara Heppenstall 0.0 -B3
18 Joel Crombie 0.0 -W4
19 Sean Clark 0.0 -B5
20 Jeff Xiang 0.0 -W6
21 Shilong Yang 0.0 -B7
22 Jarvis Xiang 0.0 -W8
23 Dhusar Chatterjee 0.0 -B9
24 Adam Hasan-Stein 0.0 -W10
25 Cooper Quinn 0.0 -B11
26 Finlay Buckell 0.0 -W12
27 Matthys Joubert 0.0 -B13


  1. Richard Dare says:

    Hello there chess people

    who ever is interested in playing chess i am keen to play games with them as playing chess once a week is not enough for me and playing on the internet gets repetitive quickly whoever is keen to meet and play chess pm me so we can arrange a time or place my email address is use in the email title playing chess so i know you are keen to play chess I am mostly free all day every day so if you want to get better in chess contact me


    Richard Dare (Ranked 1# in the club)