Waikato Rapid Final Results

Posted: 20/06/2016 by Ian in Club News

We had 49 players for the Waikato Rapid held  June 18 at St Paul’s Collegiate. Previously we have used the excellent school staff room as the location. This year the tournament took advantage of a new student centre which was an even better venue. We will hold this years’ Waikato Open in this building next month, and we hope to take advantage of this in future years.

The prize winners were

1st=  Bob Smith, Etienne De Beer (5)
3rd   Gino Thornton  (4.5)
Grade Prize
Graham Nolan, Milton Severinsen  (3)

Under 1800:
1st  Oliver Picken  (5.5)
2nd William Lynn  (5)
3rd=  Don Eade, Hilton Jacobs, Damian Eades
Grade I Prize
Sravan Renjith, Vyanla Punsalan  (3.5)
Grade II Prize
Lara Heppenstall  (3.5)

Under 1200 / Junior
1st  Michail Andreef  (6)
2nd Joel Crombie  (5)
3rd=  Sean Clark, Tiana Mayo, Grace Li, Alexander Mayo  (4)
Grade Prize
Nathan Alegado  (3.5)

The entire crosstable is located here, and the usual rogues gallery is here.


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