Ratings and Ladder Updated

Posted: 03/08/2016 by Ian in Club News

Ratings and ladder have been updated. Note that for ratings purposes all games in a multiweek tournament are deemed to happen on day 1 of the tournament, thus the games in the Rapid are deemed to have occurred on 21/6/16 (ie. before the Waikato Open, even though rounds 5 & 6 are actually after the Open)

  1. Richard Dare says:

    This Ladder is so random you are better off pulling out names from a hat as that would be more accurate than this ladder i do not know where you got your information from but i am pretty sure that my win ratio and the fact i have actually won club tournaments should easily put me higher rated than Lara. However according to your ladder Lara is better than Hilton, Milton, Me, Graham and Parshant is a loose comment at best so according to your “ladder you switch places with some one that you lose with?” Which is pretty fail so if let say hilton beat Jeff Xiang like 500 times in a row but the last time they play Jeff Xiang wins now he is higher than Hilton now dispite Hiltion having a 500 to 1 win ratio as i understand it is a complete joke. so Let me get this right once someone is ranked on top of the ladder they can choose not to play any more they are literally unpassable cause you cannot take them over if you do not beat or draw with black against them? so let say hilton wins 100-0 against everyone in the club but he does not get to play stefan in any game as he cannot be bothered comming anymore as an example means that hilton will never be first?

    If you want an accurate ladder just have it baised on points made e.g a person with 12 wins 2 draws and 3 losses is ranked higher than someone with 4 wins 1 draw and 32 losses that is more fair because the more consistent you are the higher up u should be in the ladder not this u lose one game u drop a random amount of spaces dispite you have beaten that individual more time than they have beaten you.