Club Picnic Success

Posted: 27/11/2016 by Ian in Club News

picnic_2picnic_1The club picnic provided a fitting end to the year. We had quite a good turn out and I think people enjoyed themselves playing chess and croquet as the sun shined down upon us …. Richard looked quite comfortable sitting in the café playing all comers and there were quite a number of interested lookers-on.  Some chess games on the big board were won by committee decision management.  Matt encouraged the young ones into playing a game of soccer on the circular field where there were no corners awarded and afterwards they had a walk through the gardens.  Murray found a nice quiet place to sit and contemplate and enjoy the cooling breeze while others found it nice to remove their socks and soak their feet in Turtle Lake.

  1. Nadir Hasan says:

    Many regrets for not being able to attend this seminal event.
    I was in Rotorua with Darius for Swimming Trials.
    Apologies to all the Great and Good people at HCC.