Club Members Shine At Regional Tournament

Posted: 05/08/2019 by Ian in Club News

Graham and Hilton ran a successful Waikato Schools’ regional tournament on the weekend to decide the representatives to attend the upcoming National event. Four club members constituting Hamilton Boys’ A team will lead off for the high school section. It is noteworthy that the Hamilton Boys B team consists entirely of club players also.

Waikato Regional Interschools Qualifiers
4th August 2019, Hamilton Boys’ High School
High School Section
1st           Hamilton Boys’ High School ‘A’
(Eushin Kang, Michael Lin, Max Stephens, Nathanael Loy)
2nd          Hamilton Boys’ High School ‘B’
3rd           St Paul’s Collegiate School
Hamilton Boys’ High School ‘A’ qualify for the National Finals.

Intermediate School Section
1st           Southwell School intermediate ‘B’
(Isaac Li, Stanley Lin, Rachael Ronowicz, Daniel Shen, Jerry Zhou)
2nd          Peachgrove Intermediate School ‘A’
3rd           Southwell School Intermediate ‘A’
Southwell School Intermediate ‘B’ qualify for the National Finals.

Primary School Section
1st           Southwell School Primary ‘A’
(Alex Ko, Ryan Wang, Leyu Zeng, Adi Manda)
2nd          Hukanui Primary School ‘A’
3rd           Hillcrest Normal School ‘A’
Southwell School Primary ‘A’ qualify for the National Finals.


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