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Well we are going to have a great time this year, with a raft of events on club nights and a number of weekend events. The table on the calendar page summarises the full year list of events, too numerous to mention here. But some things are worth a few words…

We start on club nights with a blitz tournament (21st Feb) followed by 3 nights of the Autumn Rapid. Then I am very excited about the start (on 27 Mar) of the club championship and reserves events. The club championship will be a 10 player 90/30 round robin that is FIDE and NZCF rated. The club reserves will be a 9 round 60/10 swiss event. More details to follow.

The first weekend event is the ever popular Rookies Shield is back again this year, 3 events spread through the year, with the first event on 4 Mar. This is for those new to chess, chess tournaments, and is limited to players under an NZCF rating of 1600. We hope to have separate girls only divisions this year, numbers allowing. So please register now to kick off a great Rookies season.