OK So Maybe You Are Not Going To Win The Club Champs This Year

Posted: 29/03/2014 by Ian in Club News

If, like me, you have already worked out that it is going to take another years practice before you are able to achieve the lofty title of Club Champ there are still other goals that you can strive for. Below is a list (in rank order) of those members that played in last years champs, and are featuring again this year. If you arent going to be on the podium, the next best thing would be to improve your rank order among this illustrious group.

1 Hilton Bennett
2 Stefan Wagner
3 Daniel Davis
4 Graham Nolan
5 Christopher Symon
6 Eddie Tan
7 Richard Jackson
8 Gary Judkins
9 Murray Tuatini
10 Ian Kennedy
11 Craig Scott
12 Samuel Eddy
13 Benjamin Symon
14 Sivaram Manoharan

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