Twenty Seven For Blitz Last Night

Posted: 02/09/2015 by Ian in Club News

Twenty seven players turned out for blitz last night. We played six rounds of 5 + 3. Hilton and Stefan topped out for the adults. Jeff Joel and Dhusar turned in good scores in the younger division. Notable wins include Gary taking a rare point off  Hilton. We will have more blitz next week, format to be decided. The week after that we will complete out the Club Rapid. Crosstables are below, and ratings have been updated.


1 Hilton  Bennett 5.0 +W4 -B5 +W8 +B2 +W3 +B6
2 Stefan  Wagner 5.0 +B11 +W3 +B6 -W1 +B7 +W5
3 Richard  Jackson 4.0 +W14 -B2 +W5 +B6 -B1 +W7
4 Matt  Crombie 4.0 -B1 +W15 +B9 -W7 +W12 +B11
5 Gary  Judkins 3.5 +B15 +W1 -B3 =W11 +B9 -B2
6 Ian  Kennedy 3.0 +B9 +B12 -W2 -W3 +B11 -W1
7 Sivaram  Manoharan 3.0 -W8 +B14 +W13 +B4 -W2 -B3
8 Prashanth Mistry 3.0 +B7 -W9 -B1 +W13 -B10 +B12
9 Graham  Nolan 3.0 -W6 +B8 -W4 +B14 -W5 +B13
10 Thys  Joubert 1.0 -W12 -B13 -W16 -B15 +W8 -B14
11 Murray  Tuatini 2.5 -W2 +B16 +W12 =B5 -W6 -W4
12 Christopher  Symon 2.0 +B10 -W6 -B11 +W16 -B4 -W8
13 Paul Dalley 2.0 +W10 -B7 -B8 +W15 -W9
14 John Chin 3.0 -B3 -W7 +B15 -W9 +B16 +W10
15 Yat Chin 2.0 -W5 -B4 -W14 +W10 -B13 +B16
16 Kyle 1.0 -W11 +B10 -B12 -W14 -W15


1 Jeff  Xiang 5.0 -B3 +W9 +B4 +W5 +W2 +BYE
2 Joel  Crombie 5.0 +B9 +W5 +B3 +W4 -B1 +W7
3 Dhusar Chatterjee 5.0 +W1 +B7 -W2 +B6 +B8 +W5
4 Sean  Clark 4.0 +W7 +B6 -W1 -B2 +BYE +W8
5 Adam  Hasan-Stein 3.0 +W8 -B2 +W7 -B1 +W6 -B3
6 Nithin  Perumal 3.0 +BYE -W4 +B8 -W3 -B5 +W9
7 Jarvis  Xiang 2.0 -B4 -W3 -B5 +BYE +W9 -B2
8 Diny  Zhou 2.0 -B5 +BYE -W6 +B9 -W3 -B4
9 Jenny  Xiang 1.0 -W2 -B1 +BYE -W8 -B7 -B6

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