Waikato Rapid Registration

Please complete the form below. Payment is required in advance, see below for details.

Please please please complete the form — a few keen players have paid online without forwarding their details through

the form, which makes it hard to keep track of who has entered

Entry fees

Paid in advance, either by cheque made out to ‘Hamilton Chess Club’ to PO Box 604, Hamilton 3240, or (preferably)  by online payment to 12-3454-0017302-00, reference WAIKATO and initial+surname.

$55 open section $45 U1800 section

$10 discount for Hamilton Chess Club members. $5 discount per player for 2 or more members from the same family.

There is a $10 late fee if entry is postmarked or notified after after 1 August 2012.

If not already registered with NZCF for 2012, a player registration fee of  $20 also applies.


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